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We at Kadosh Service are qualified to provide the best cleaning solutions to our customers. All our services are carried out with rigor and extreme quality.

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Deep Cleaning

Our team will raise your cleaning expectations.

Just arrive home with peace of mind that you will be welcomed into a completely different environment, now clean and organized.

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Regular Cleaning

With this service option, our team cleans your home or business regularly, everywhere to ensure your satisfaction.

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Move in/out Cleaning

To make your landlord happy, hire a team to clean up before you leave or welcome them before settling in.


Post-Construction Services

We offer a variety of Post- Construction/Remodeling cleaning services and programs that can meet all your post- construction needs.

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Commercial Cleaning

We can help you keep your office space clean and tidy, so you and your employees can work on what is truly important—work.

We can help by cleaning bathrooms, kitchen areas, vacuuming around desks, cleaning in offices, removing trash, and more!


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